Media Placement

Media Placement

Full-Service Video Marketing


Content is King, and the King of content is video. But how do you create quality high definition video and implement a video marketing plan to maximize exposure? Who has the time to manage writers, videographers, editors, and media reps for video that not only soars, but actually reaches your target audience? 


Zeppelin Marketing prides itself on the process of finding a natural and seamless product placement integrations that wil not compromise our client’s or production’s creative message. Placing a media buy might sound like simple enough process, but creating and executing a media plan guaranteed to reach the greatest number of consumers in the most effective way possible while generating the most effective response at the lowest possible cost takes hard work! Zeppelin Marketing prides itself on experience in ad buying and placement in schedules. 


With Zeppelin Marketing, you don’t have to worry we manage the entire process from concept, to production, to video editing, to placement. We will get your message heard!

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