Media Services

Media Services



We are a full-service production company that creates videos for any purpose. Whether you need a 30-second commercial to air during the next big game, or a detailed product guide to post on YouTube for your customers, or tips that provide value on your website, we deliver!


Content Creation

Let’s talk about what Zeppelin Marketing can do for your company. What are your video marketing goals? What message do you need viewers to receive?  Come sit down with us and we’ll come up with a solution that’s right for you. Your message and goals driver every step in our content creation process so let’s get them right!


Script Development

No pilot would take off without a flight plan, and neither does Zeppelin Marketing. We’ll make sure your high definition video really soars by starting with a professional script that embodies your message and keeps the project on track for success, from shooting to video editing.


HD Videography

Quality high definition video effectively delivers your message and Zeppelin Marketing delivers quality high definition video. We have all the gear, knowledge, and experience to deliver an HD video in which your message is both clear and appealing to your audience. 


Video Editing

Our work doesn’t end when the director says “Cut!” if you want your high definition video to soar above the competition, you need rock-solid video editing from experienced professionals. Zeppelin Marketing uses cutting-edge software to do just that. Let us polish your video footage to maximize your message. The answer is Zeppelin Marketing.


Zeppelin Marketing offers media placement services in addition to high-quality video editing and production. With our experience in the industry, we can find the best media outlets for your video. Let the experts at Zeppelin Marketing help you create and implement a custom video marketing plan that brings exposure to an audience as unique as your company,  and leaves your competition in the dust.


Give Zeppelin Marketing a call to see what we can do for you! 231.649.3679



Creative, Energetic, and Quality Production

 We’ve got you covered in all corners! Content creation, Script development, HD videography, Video editing, and media placement services.